"The Preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease."

BJ Palmer

Family Chiropractic Care


From newborns to Parents we seek to provide the opportunity for everyone in the family to express health at their best! Our goal is to correct the problem and not only get you to a pain free state, but a thriving one. We do so by ensuring your neuro-spinal system is functioning properly.

Prenatal and Pediatric Care


We offer Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic in Dallas! Our approach and treatment is  gentle, safe and  specific. Adjustments during pregnancy can optimize the comfort and health of mom as well as prepare her for birth. Moms under chiropractic care report easier pregnancies, as well as faster and easier births. Dr. Demetra is certified in the Webster Technique.

Safe and gentle adjustments for newborns through childhood ensure proper physical and emotional development, aid in nursing, improved immune and digestive function,  better focus, sleep and more. Why wait until there is a problem? Our goal is to help give your child the best start in life!

Functional Health


Functional Medicine seeks to find the root cause of your health problems. We do a comprehensive history to zero in on the best objective testing for you in order to find out where the body is being compromised. Once we get our test results back, we create a specialized protocol for YOU to remove the underlying cause and restore health.  Whether you have been suffering with no answers or you are seeking to optimize your health to the highest level, functional medicine can give you the answers.

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